Dog Grooming to Mental Stimulation

From Dog Grooming To Mental Stimulation: The Benefits Of Dog Daycare

If you are a working professional or someone who loves to travel, you may be considering the best dog daycare in Adelaide and its benefits. In this blog, we explore 4 key benefits of dog daycare, including dog grooming and exercise, so that you can have peace of mind when booking in your precious companion.

Dog Grooming

What many pet owners love about Dogwise Daycare is that we offer dog grooming, which not all daycares offer. We treat each dog like it’s part of our family, with affection and lots of pampering. Our experienced team will wash your dog with the finest quality salon shampoos, followed by a brush and nail cleaning. Your dog will be looking clean as ever with a shiny coat!

Socialisation For Your Dog

Dogwise Daycare is the best dog daycare in Adelaide for dog socialisation. When your dog stays with us, he/she will have plenty of fun socialising with other dogs, which is important for healthy development.

Like humans, all dogs need some interaction with other dogs from time to time. It’s true: a dog is a man’s best friend, but allow your pet to make friends of his own kind too. We allow socialisation in a safe, controlled environment.

dog grooming, dog mental stimulation

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is a fantastic benefit of dog daycare, in addition to dog grooming and socialisation. Boredom in dogs can lead to bad behaviour. All dogs need significant hours of playtime to awaken the mind and body, keeping them active and healthy.

At Dogwise Daycare we offer your dog a multitude of stimulating toys, games, and indoor and outdoor activities to get your dog moving, send oxygen to the brain, and increase vitality.

A Happier Dog

When your fluffy friend comes to stay at Dogwise Daycare in Adelaide, he/she will experience greater overall happiness. The love and attention that we show to all dogs in our care will manifest in their pleasant behaviour and general contentment. You will experience a more connected relationship with your dog, once you’ve both benefited from a little time at our daycare.

If you have travel or work commitments, contact us at Dogwise Daycare for premium dog grooming, socialisation, stimulation and overall genuine care from professional dog enthusiasts.



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