Why Us

What makes us different?


The Dogwise Daycare Difference

Our approach is based on advanced scientific studies into canine behaviour. We take into consideration that dogs have their own set of breed-induced motivations that need to be recognised and acted upon accordingly to promote a more harmonious existence.

We pursue the absolute highest standards of safety in everything we do! Our goal is to make sure all dogs in our care are happy, safe, and comfortable, at all times.

Your four-legged best friend will be in great hands with us and we’ve designed our facility to ensure this.


Why us?

  • The Director of Dogwise Daycare, Daniel Barrile, is a qualified Canine Behavioural Rehabilitation Trainer and is the author of ‘Decoding Dog Behaviour’
  • All staff have qualifications related to dog behaviour
  • We group dogs via temperament, age and size in order to favour wellbeing and safety
  • We use fully enclosed fences to avoid feelings of stress
  • Wellbeing breaks for all dogs are provided during the day
  • Our facility is fully air-conditioned
  • We have an outdoor area so dogs can change environments

Your dog deserves the best and will receive it at Dogwise Daycare!

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