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Dogwise Daycare

Dogwise Daycare is a forward-thinking pet care business in the western suburbs of Adelaide. It has a focus on the cognitive-relational approach to canine behaviour and is owned and operated by the author of  “Decoding Dog Behaviour”, Daniel Barrile

We provide a safe and engaging environment for your dog which is supervised by trained team members.  In short…we know dogs!

Our mission is to create positive relationships between, dogs, people and most importantly, their owners. We provide the highest quality of care to dogs in Adelaide. Our vision is to spread the word about new-age approaches to understanding dog behaviour. Dogwise Daycare recognises that every dog is an individual with their own way of seeing the world.

Daniel Barrile

Director’s Profile

Daniel Barrile is a dog behaviourist who trained at SISCA (The Italian Society of Animal Behaviour Science) in Cremona, Italy. His field of expertise is focused on the cognitive-relational approach to understanding canine behaviour.

The cognitive-relational approach provides a lens through which dog behaviour can be interpreted. This starts by considering how a dog learns and how it perceives the world.

Dogs actively seek information and use logical and perceptual relationships between events to create their own representation of the external world. Cognitive interpretation believes that dogs expect their responses to have specific consequences. They gain new knowledge and decide whether to use that response or not.

The cognitive approach introduces the concept of the dog’s mind. Like human beings, dogs learn through representations and acquire and process information. The cognitive-relational approach means looking at learning in a totally different way from other methods used. It places an emphasis on the relationship between the dog and its owner who understands how its dog’s mind works.

Daniel’s study and related work experience involved learning from some of the best and most renowned behavioural vets in Europe. Insights into Daniel’s know-how can be found in his book entitled ‘Decoding Dog Behaviour’.

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