Dog Nutrition Consultation Adelaide

Make sure that your best friend's diet is the best it can be!

Are you worried about your canine’s nutrition quality? If you need someone to explain the delicate balance between certain foods dogs eat and help you become more familiar with all the foods that your pup should and shouldn’t consume, you’ve come to the right place. At Dogwise Daycare we have a canine nutrition consultant at your disposal. As there is increasing awareness of how important whole food diets are for us, pet parents are beginning to apply this same logic to their 4 legged companions. Feeding natural foods and natural nutrients provides a host of benefits to dogs, including higher digestibility, palatability and improved nutrient update. Dogs on a correctly balanced natural diet shine from the inside out and often smell fresher, have soft glossy coats and bright eyes.


Dog Nutrition Consultation

What we feed our dogs has a profound impact on their health. The food you choose for your dog is one of the most important decisions you will make. Feeding fresh whole foods is the key to our dogs' best health. Natural diets formulated by a nutritionist can be used therapeutically to assist with controlling anxiety and boisterous behaviour, managing arthritis, alleviating allergies and skin conditions, managing weight and assisting with digestive concerns such as IBD. These diets are formulated in accordance with the National Research Council (NRC) guidelines and are customised to your dog’s specific needs.

Nutritional advice from a canine nutrition consultant can help to transform your pet's health; while most pets will be fine on a standard diet, eating healthier, balanced meals will always serve them well to maintain their health. If your pet is obese, underweight, suffering from allergy symptoms, or being treated for a serious condition, intervention by a professional nutritional counsellor could remedy the issue.

The right diet can help to increase your pet's life expectancy and improve its quality of life. Pets that receive a nutritionally balanced diet experience fewer stomach issues, less sensitive skin and a healthier coat. When you schedule a dog nutrition consultation, you will have the nutrition plan explained in detail. Each plan consists of 3 recipes to rotate between throughout the week, based on the ingredient you have access to locally, all that is required is for you to fill out a simple questionnaire and specify what you would like to achieve through moving to a natural diet. This is also suitable for those already feeding home-prepared meals and who would like to ensure they are feeding the right balance of nutrients.

Price: $110


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