Dog Fireworks


Noise caused by fireworks can leave dogs indifferent, frightened or even terrified. When a dog is afraid, it is alert to any noise, is agitated but calm when pampered and hides for a short time.
On the other hand, if the dog is terrified, it wanders around the house looking for an escape route, hides under the bed or in the bathroom and does not even move when called. The dog is seeking our comfort but does not calm down when it receives it.
If the dog is terrified, a visit to a behavioural vet must be made as soon as possible as the symptoms shown are similar to a panic attack.

How can I help my dog?

1. Keep your dog inside!
Left outside, the dog may destroy screen doors or doorposts to take refuge in the house or it may escape by jumping over the fence or by digging its way out.

2. Close the windows, lower the blinds, turn on the TV and turn up the music!
This will muffle and cover the noise of the fireworks. You could also invite some friends over, especially if your dog finds them likeable! Their chatter will create a cheerful confusion and may set up a “safe haven” for your dog.

3. Do your dog’s favourite activities!
By doing this, you will teach him/her that fireworks are nothing to worry about.

4. Be confident and calm!
If you were afraid of something, how would you like those around you behave to give you confidence? For your dog you are a lifeline. Comfort him/her with your voice and with contact. Place your hand on your dog and tell him/her everything is OK.
Emotions are transmissible, so if you get caught up in the anxiety you will transmit this to him/her and you will amplify its fears.

5. Purchase a GPS collar!
In the event that your dog escapes as reaction to the fireworks, at least you will have a better chance of being reunited with him/her!

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