Do dogs like to be hugged?

Do Dogs Like Being Hugged?

This is a question that has been asked many times and one that we would all like to know the answer to. I love my dog and I will hug and kiss him all the time but what about the dog’s perspective?

Dogs don’t really enjoy hugs and if you try hugging them, they will warn you off. Next time you are hugging your dogs, get your attention to these signals: yawning, lip licking, rapid eye blinking, and looking or turning away. Those signals mean “I am stressed out”, “I am not comfortable in this situation”.

This blog looks into the science of dog behaviour to find a probable reason as to why dogs don’t like hugs.


Why Hugging Dog is Wrong?

We all love hugs! They warm our hearts and make us feel closer to those we love. However, dogs don’t like being hugged. Here are some of the common reasons why…


Dogs Feel Stressed

If you ever have examined any footage of a dog being hugged, you will see that dogs do not enjoy it. Instead, they tend to lean away from it and try to avoid making eye contact with their “hugger”, which are both signs of dissatisfaction.


It’s Against Their Nature

Dogs are naturally free-roaming creatures and as a result of this fact, they do not care for it when you try to drag them into some kind of confined space. Dogs have a different perception of space.

When we hug dogs and restrict their ability to run away, we inhibit them from practicing their instincts. So always love them with the respect they deserve.


They Take It as Attack

Humans are taught from the day that they can think that a hug is a sign of affection. A dog doesn’t think about it in the same way. 



It seems that most people like hugging dogs. However, dogs have different feelings about it. In fact, dogs don’t like being hugged. it’s far more likely your dog is simply tolerating. Always let your dog call the shots on touching, hugging and kissing. Watch his/her facial expressions and body language for cues of comfort and discomfort and let that be your indicator on when to touch him/her  and when to back off. 

Teach your kids to not squeeze/hug them as it could lead to a bite. Always respect and give your dog choices and avoid forcing him/her into uncomfortable situations.

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