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Common Dog Behaviour Issues & How to Address Them

We all love to see our furry friends wagging tails and joyful barks. Yet, sometimes, even our best-behaved pups surprise us with unexpected and challenging behaviour that can be difficult to handle. 

From the midnight barking spree to the mysterious disappearance of your favourite shoe, dogs have their quirks. But did you know that regular dog grooming can play a role in addressing some of these behaviours? 

This blog explores typical behaviour issues and how dog grooming and other strategies can offer practical solutions. 

Excessive Barking

Dogs communicate through barking, each telling its own story. When your pup becomes unusually vocal, it’s essential to understand the root cause. Is it excitement, fear, or attention-seeking? A simple command, a new toy, or even a stroll can make all the difference.


While puppies are notorious for chewing antics, adult dogs might resort to this behaviour out of boredom or anxiety. Regular grooming can help identify and address skin irritations that might trigger such behaviour. Alternatively, redirect their attention with suitable chew toys, puzzle games, and interactive play to keep them entertained.

Separation Anxiety

The sad eyes, the whining, or the aftermath of alone time at home can break anyone’s heart. Incorporating grooming sessions into their routine can serve as a therapeutic bonding time, easing some separation-related anxieties. Coupled with gradual training and their favourite toys, it can make their alone time more bearable.

Dog excessive barking


A growl, a snap, or a bite can be alarming. Recognising what triggers this can be the first step to managing and eventually eliminating this behaviour. Commands like “leave” or “halt” can be helpful in training to handle aggression.

Remember, expert dog groomers have a knack for making dogs feel at ease. They often use a reward-centric approach, praising and rewarding good behaviour. Sometimes, a gentle massage or a soft, reassuring voice can work wonders for calming your furry friend.

The Dogwise Daycare Philosophy

Training is a beautiful journey, a dance of understanding between you and your dog. It’s about patience, consistency, and a sprinkle of fun! Celebrate the good behaviours, and remember, positive reinforcement is the key. At Dogwise Daycare, we’re committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where dogs can learn good behaviour through positive reinforcement. 

Beyond Just Addressing Symptoms

We understand that dog grooming is more than just a beauty treatment – it’s essential for your dog’s overall well-being. Our dedicated team of professional groomers ensures that every dog leaves with a radiant coat and rejuvenated spirit. We pride ourselves on using only the finest salon-quality shampoos and conditioners, our fluffy clients look and feel their absolute best after each session.

Ready to give your dog the grooming experience they deserve? Book your appointment with Dogwise Daycare today and let us pamper your pooch to perfection.

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